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From the moment my mother was recommended hospice care, the Valerian team stepped in for us and handled everything, and I mean truly EVERYTHING! I never had to worry about her care, her comfort, her happiness, or her daily fun activities. They worked so well with my mother, our family, the doctor, and the caregivers at her memory care facility. The way I describe Valerian is to imagine having extra eyes, ears, and helping arms with my mother on days I could not be there. I am so grateful for the entire Valerian family.

Lori K.

This Home Health company delivers on what they say will do for our residents. Mardi is outstanding in communicating with me and gives me prompt and concise updates on start of care, care issues, and she also goes above and beyond getting information about our residents who are in the hospital. Their physical therapy team is outstanding and spend lots of time with our residents. They get them out in the halls and walking, if possible. I’ve seen great improvement with residents in getting stronger and participating more. Thank you, Valerian, for the teamwork and excellent care you provide to our residents.

Michelle S. | Wells Point Lodge

I worked with Valerian almost daily. Their staff is always kind and thoughtful. Their therapists are experienced and thorough. People ask for them by name. We all love Kaye! Her water therapy is exceptional. I would highly recommend Valerian for any of your Home Health or Hospice needs! They will go out of their way to make sure that you are taken good care of.

Kathy P. | Arbor Terrace Lakeway

I cannot say enough about the staff and care at Valerian Hospice. I am grateful to them for their kindness, love, patience and diligence with my mom's care. My Mom adored her Hospice Nurse. She was like a daughter to her. I highly recommend Valerian for your loved one.

Peggy W.

I have worked with Valerian professionally; their clinicians and staff are excellent communicators and truly care about their patients. They follow the rules and reach out to me when they have concerns about our shared patients, and I really appreciate that.

Kelly A. APRN, FNP-C | Integrative Medical Home Care

I have worked professionally with the Valerian team. They have set clients at ease with their wonderful and knowledgeable staff. Sandra made setting up services easy with great communication and follow up which made the care of our clients seamless. Great support!

Jene E. | Our Family Home Care

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